No two flight operators are the same; each has a different mission and approach. That’s why we specialize in Custom Service Support Programs for our customers that provide a consistently high level of quality for optimum performance at a cost-benefit that maximizes their investment with Full Stop.

Flat-Rate Repairs

Standard repairs at standard rates, based on a published schedule of repair costs for typical maintenance interval repairs. Structured as a fixed project fee, with specified replacement parts and labor hours, flat-rate repair pricing for individual wheel repairs eliminates surprises and controls costs.


Time And Material Repairs

Occasionally customers require unscheduled spot repairs for wheels and brakes. A time-and-materials approach provides the flexibility to accommodate unforeseen repair issues that impact labor hours, while capping the cost of materials.



Landing Programs

Performance-based Landing Programs help airline customers eliminate the variability of their brake and wheel repair costs for the entire fleet. An agreed-upon monthly fee covers a defined scope of work and estimated number of landings or cycles based on the operator’s operational tempo. Spreading costs out over an extended contract period smooth out the variability of the expense, reduces administrative costs and improves budgeting.



Exchange Programs

Our Exchange Programs are all about minimizing delays and maximizing airtime. With our Advance Exchange, we’ll ship parts (or higher assemblies if individual parts are not immediately accessible) as soon as they’re requested. We’ll take in your part or assembly, repair it to standard and place it back into inventory to await the next call for replacement parts. Our customers minimize the amount of inventory they must carry while maintaining tight maintenance and repair turnaround times. We assure asset availability 24/7 for full wheels and brakes to get our customers airborne again in as short a time as possible.



Pool Programs

In the Pool Program approach, Full Stop Technics buys the parts and leaves them in a pool that we stock, manage and replenish. These may be onsite parts pools at our airline customers’ facilities or backup pools housed by us. Through Pool Programs we assure that spares are always available to minimize repair delays and aircraft downtime, all while reducing the customer’s cost of inventory parts ownership. Structured as a monthly fee (based on anticipated needs and historical trends) we are able to help customers move parts from a capital expenditure to an operational cost for greater financial flexibility.